Regulations on the children's drawing contest.

The Second International Festival-Competition "the world of the Little Prince"

Saint-Raphael (French Riviera) 31 May-02 June 2019 Year

Regulations of the children's drawing contest

Goals and objectives of the competition

  • Revealing of gifted performers with the purpose of further development and support of their talent and performing skills.
  • Bringing talented participants to international cooperation programs, establishing creative contacts, strengthening and promoting friendly relations between children and young people.
  • Revealing the creative abilities of children.

The main provisions of the festival-contest see here. The drawings should correspond to the theme of the contest "the world of the Little Prince". In the 2019 year the competition is held under the motto

"We are all inhabitants of one planet, the crew of one ship..." Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Drawings must be performed without the help of parents or educators. Drawings can be made on any material (vatman, cardboard, canvas, etc.) and executed in any drawing technique (oil, watercolor, mascara, crayons, crayons, etc.). Mandatory conditions of the competition: the drawing should be accompanied by a short (or not very) story and have a name. The picture and the story should be sent in separate files (picture-in JPEG format, in color, image size not more than 1 MB, the story and data of the participant-in text format in the language of the country of residence, preferably with translation into French or English) not Forget to specify the name, surname, age of the child, country, postal address and e-mail, the name and postal address of the educational institution in which the author and creative director (if any), as well as consent to use the drawing. The number of works submitted to the contest by one child may not exceed 1 figure. All drawings sent to the contest can be used, in the future, for various events, including exhibitions and books. Collective and anonymous drawings (not containing information about the participant of the contest) are not allowed to participate in the contest and are not considered. Order of submission of drawings for participation in the contest participants-children of three age categories:-up to 10 years,-from 10 to 14 years (inclusive),-from 15 to 17 years (inclusive).  The author (parents of the author), submitting his work (the work of his child) to the competition, confirms the authorship of the drawing and agrees that it can be published in any editions, is shown in any way on any actions held as during the Competition, and after its graduation, in different cities of France and Europe and does not pretend to pay royalties. Summing up and awarding winners the judging of the drawings will be the international qualified jury of the festival. The winners of the competition are awarded the following titles with diplomas:

  • Grand Prix.
  • Laureate (3 degrees).
  • Diploma (3 degrees).