Position on the vocal contest.

The Second International Festival-Competition "the world of the Little Prince"

The City of Saint-Raphael (French Riviera) May 31-June 02, 2019

Position on the vocal contest.

In the 2019 year the vocal competition is held under the motto 

"We are all inhabitants of one planet, the crew of one ship..." Antoine de Saint Exupery

The main provisions of the festival-contest see here. Collectives and soloists from different countries are invited to participate in the competition. Participants are divided into the following age groups: 

  • Younger group up to 9 years-10 years,
  • Middle group 11-13 Years 
  • Senior group of 14-17 years. 
  • Groups and adult participants.


  • Participants perform two songs (preferably diverse, related to the main theme of the festival "the world of the Little Prince" with a total duration of not more than 6 minutes
  • All necessary technical equipment must be specified in the application form. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse to complete or partially comply with the technical requirements.
  • Teachers/managers bring with them phonograms on flash-drives, signed in the form: "The name of the group (soloist), the name of the work".
  • Performers can act with accompaniment composition, T. (e). Without Phonograms ("live").
  • It is permissible to have a "back-vocal" in the form of harmonic support, previously recorded in the Phonogram "minus one" or executed "live". It is not allowed to receive a "double-track" (Duplication of the soloist's party in the form of a single subvoice).
  • For vocal collectives the use of the radio microphones or head headsets is allowed, if it is not hindered by technical characteristics of the equipment (on necessity of connection of the microphones the leader of collective should inform in Notes to the application, as well as the registration of the competition).

  Criteria of evaluation: musicality, artistic interpretation of musical work, purity of intonation and quality of sounding, beauty of timbre and voice power, scenic culture, complexity of repertoire, correspondence of repertoire to performing Abilities and age category of performer, performing skills.  The jury is composed of qualified specialists. The contest participants are awarded the following titles:

  • Grand Prix.
  • Laureate (3 degrees).
  • Diploma (3 degrees).

Organizers give souvenirs and gifts to the participants of the contest. At the final gala concert The winners perform a song at the jury's choice. 

  • Soloists-50 euros.
  • Duets-25 Euro per participant.
  • Groups – 50 euro per team.
  • Participation in the additional nomination 10 euro.