Regulations on the competition of performing skills

The Second International Festival-Competition "the world of the Little Prince"

Saint-Raphael (French Riviera) 31 May-02 June 2019 Year

Regulations on the competition of performing skills.

The main provisions of the festival-contest see here. Age Categories:

  • Younger group up to 9 years;
  • Middle group 10-13 Years
  • Senior group 14-17 years;
  • Adults and mixed groups.

Program requirements: Two diverse works (classical work, work of modern composer, folk works). One of the works must be a French author. The competition program should reflect the style of the team, show the performance opportunities, as well as the thematic focus of the contest "the world of the Little prince" continuation of the sound: 2 pieces no more than 5 minutes. each All speakers pay the festival fee: soloists-50 euros. Duets-25 Euro per participant. Groups – 50 euro per team. Participation in the additional nomination 10 Euro rewarding: The jury consists of qualified specialists. The results of the competition and awarding are carried out taking into account the specified age categories, nominations and assume the following places:

  • Grand Prix.
  • Laureate (3 degrees).
  • Diploma (3 degrees).

Organizers give souvenirs and gifts to the participants of the contest. At the final gala concert The winners perform the work at the jury's choice.