Position on the choreographic contest

The Second International Festival-Competition "the world of the Little Prince"


Position on the choreographic contest.

The main provisions of the festival-contest see here. Competition

  • choreographic collectives, soloists, duets provide for competitive viewing a program consisting of 2 numbers (total timekeeping up to 8 minutes!) corresponding to the theme of the festival "the world of the Little Prince" "We are all inhabitants of one planet, the crew of one Ship… "
  • Programs can be combined with a common theme or consist of separate rooms. In the course of competitive viewing will be evaluated Ballet master works, both for separate numbers, and the program of the collective, set by one choreographer. The room should be brightly expressed idea, theme, dance. The number should be constructed according to the laws of dramaturgy with the unfolded drawing, expressive lexical material, vivid choreographic samples.
  • It is estimated: originality of numbers, performing skills, unconventional of the choreographer's decision, expressive means, combination of music, choreography, costume.

Participants are distributed by age group:

  • Younger group-up to 10 years,
  • Middle Group-11-13 years
  • Senior Group-14-17 years.
  • Adults and mixed groups.

The contest should be provided with a USB flash drive 2.0 and a CD with a high-quality recording of Phonograms. Each file on the flash drive and on the disk must have a name in the format: City name/team name/number name. The jury selects the best numbers from all the collectives for the final Gala concert during the contest views. Awarding to the contest participants are given the following titles:

  • Grand Prix.
  • Laureate (3 degrees).
  • Prize-winner (3 degrees).