№ 2 Bus Tour Program

Journey to the Little prince at the International Festival "the World of the Little Prince" we invite you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a fairy tale, feel like one of the friends of the Little Prince and become a participant, partner or guest of the Second International Festival "The world of the Little Prince", to be held in Saint-Raphael, on the French Riviera. On the way to the festival of the Little Prince we will see Warsaw, Nuremberg, Milan, Nice, Cannes, Saint Raphael, Marseille, Lyon, Paris, Disneyland, Strasbourg. We will dance and sing, and the French will applaud us. 12 days/11 nights from 465 Euro + W/d (90 Euro coupe or 79 Euro Platzkart) No overnight crossings. 1 day 27/05/2019-Monday.  Departure by train to Brest. Day 2 28/05/2019-Tuesday.       We begin our journey to the Little prince in Brest, where we will be greeted by a bus and a guide, which through the countries and borders, forests and mountains lead us to the French Riviera. CSPs Road story will go about the life and amazing adventures of the writer, pilot and great humanist of the twentieth century Antoine de Saint-Exupery and his protagonist-the Little prince. Already 3 hours after crossing the border, the first stop in the capital of Poland-Warsaw. We will take a walk along the Royal Road, the street where the Kings entered the capital.    Visit the heart of Warsaw, the Old town with its colourful Old Market, cozy cafes and souvenir shops. We will See the fortress walls of Barbican, the Presidential Palace, the most famous temples of Warsaw and much more… And of course, we will open the best panorama of Warsaw for wonderful photos!  Departure for the night to the hotel on the territory of Poland. Day 3 29/05/2019-Wednesday. Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Nuremberg. Tour of the historic center of the city: Nuremberg Fortress, Market Square, Church of the Virgin Mary, Church of St. Lavrentia, the house is the Museum of Albrecht Durer, the castle of Tusherschloss. Transfer to the accommodation on the territory of Germany. 4th day. 30/05/2019-Thursday. Breakfast at the hotel. Moving through Austria and Italy to Milan. Milan Tour: Milan Cathedral, La Scala Theatre,. The church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, the Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore, the Picakotheka Brera, the castle of Sforza. Transfer to the Cote d'azur. Overnight at the hotel.  Day 5 31/05/2019-Friday. Breakfast at the hotel.  Festival Day. The solemn opening ceremony of the bronze bust of Antoine de Saint-Exupery with the participation of the heirs of the writer, officials and representatives of public organizations of France and Russia. International Festival "The World of the Little Prince". The mission of the festival: the affirmation through art and creativity of universal values-love, friendship, fidelity, care for the neighbor. The festival will be held: • Competition of children's drawing • Competition of vocal skills • Competition of choreographic Art The Competition of performing skills http://littleprincefestival.com/in the Evening will be offered A tour of the Azure Shore. You will see the most interesting places of Nice: Piazza Garibaldi, Promenade du Payon, Piazza Massena, the English promenade. Stroll through the streets of old Nice, admire gardens of Albert I. Learn why the French Riviera is more often called the Cote d'azur and where the wedding of Antoine de Saint-Exupery and Consuella Gomez took place. As well as learn how in the early twentieth century Russian pilots with their skill and fearless conquered the local audience at the first air salons held here.  We will visit Cannes, a resort that is famous not only for its famous film festival, but also one of the oldest in Europe, the airport of Cannes-Mandelijo, which has existed since 1905. Day 6 01/06/2019-Saturday.    Breakfast at the hotel. Festival Day International Children's Day.   Performances Of Artists according to the competition program after the Gala concert of the festival participants. Awarding of Laureates. Day 7 02/06/2019-Sunday. Breakfast at the hotel.  On this day we are waiting for a tour to Marseille-the sunniest proud of France. We are waiting for stunning views of the city, the hills, the coast, the masts of boats and islands during our tour you will discover the main attractions of the city Basilica Notre-Dame de la Garde, Abbey Saint-Victor, Cathedral de la Major, Palace Lonshan, Old Port, Faro Palace, Fort Saint-Jean and Saint Nicolas.  In the Marseilles Bay were found the wreckage of the plane Antoine de Saint-Exupery, missing in the radar on July 31, 1944.   Exit on boats in the sea to the island of Roui, in the vicinity of which were found the wreckage of the plane of Antoine de Saint-Exupery. (if possible, in good weather, for representatives of collectives, additional. pl.). Solemn ceremony of the descent of wreaths on water. Transfer to the night in the suburb of Lyon. 8th Day. 03/06/2019-Monday.  Breakfast at the hotel. On this day, we are waiting for Lyon, the city in which Antoine de Saint-Exupery was born. We will begin our tour from the monument to the Little Prince and St. Exupery in Piazza Belkur. During the sightseeing tour we will get acquainted with the history of Lyon, which began in the Halo-Roman city Lungdunum more than 2 thousand years ago, visit the medieval neighborhoods of the old Lyon, learn what Trabuli and what is famous Lyon cuisine, admire on Panorama of Lyon from the Esplanade of Furvière Hill.  Moving to Paris. Sightseeing Tour of Paris, during which we will travel through the Champs Elysees, remember the lost for freedom of France at the Arc de Arch, make the best photos of the Eiffel tower from the Esplanade Trocadero, walk in the Latin quarter and the Jardin du Luxembourg, pray in Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral, look at the place Vendôme.  If you want to ride a boat on the Seine (extra. pl.). In the Evening accommodation and overnight in a hotel in the suburbs of Paris.  09 Day. 04/06/2019Tuesday.  Breakfast at the hotel. Full day trip to Disneyland amusement park (extra tickets pl.).  Disneyland Paris is a fabulous world where all visitors, regardless of age, are returning to their childhood for a short while! And the sensation of magic arises from the first minutes of staying in it, because we are waiting for the heroes of favorite cartoons, exciting rides and adventures. Every day in 12.00 on the pavement there is a solemn procession-a parade in which the most famous characters of Walt Disney cartoons take part.   Transfer to the accommodation in the suburbs of Strasbourg. 10th day. 05/06/2019-Thursday.    Breakfast at the hotel.  Tour of Strasbourg, one of the oldest European cities: the Pearl of the Gothic-Strasbourg cathedral, a quarter of artisans-Little France, the area of Brogli, the German quarter, the square of the Republic, the Rhine Palace. Transfer to the territory of Germany and Poland for the night in the hotel on the territory of Poland 11 day. 06/06/2019-Friday.  Breakfast at the hotel. Moving through the territory of Poland to Brest. Passing the border and boarding the train to go home. 12th Day. 07/06/2019-Saturday.                 Arrival of the train to Moscow or St. Petersburg. Our trip is finished and up to new meetings! Cost of the Tour: 465 euro. + w/d (90 Euro coupe or 50 euro Platzkart) for a group of 15 people-1 place for the manager for free. The price includes:

  • Accommodation with breakfast in 2-3 local rooms according to the program;
  • Transport service throughout the route from Brest to Brest;
  • Guide support
  • Excursions on the program.

Additionally paid:

  • Visa
  • Insurance
  • Entrance tickets to parks and museums
  • Festival fee