Rules of the dance competition.

Dance competition at the second International Festival "The world of the Little Prince"

The theme of this competition is "we are in solidarity, carried on the same planet, crew of the same ship…" Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 

General rules of the Festival-contest see here. Article 1 – Registration to enter the dance competition, simply fill out the application form. The registration deadline is set for April 15, 2019 using the bulletin provided (online at: After this time the inscription may be refused for technical reasons (Overnumber or other).   Article 2: Participants The contest is open to all dancers, with five categories (by age) for amateurs. For this year, we offer categories of participation: individual, Duo or Couple and group. Article 3 categories of Age: Children: 7/10 years pre Teens: 11/13 years Teens: 14/17 years Adults: 18 and up Article 4 contest sequence: Participants give the competition a program composed of 2 different works (a total duration of 8 minutes). The judging criteria taken into account will be the following (non-exhaustive list):

  • Respect for the style and tempo of the dance
  • The interpretation
  • Potential capacity to present variants
  • The ability to bring pleasure to dance
  • The presence on stage
  • The ability to improvise

Disqualification and loss of POINTS

  • Reasons for disqualification of the candidate or which may cause a loss of points:
  • Failure to comply with the rules
  • Delay when passing
  • Lack of respect for the members of the jury and the organizers

Article 5-Music The music will have to be recorded on a USB key.  It will only contain the music of the performance with the name of the candidate, Duo or group, the title of the choreography, the dance style as well as the level. It must be delivered to the reception on the day of the competition, as soon as the candidates arrive. Provide a double USB key in case the first one does not work.   Article 6-COSTUMES and accessories obligatory attire required for the categories: an outfit adapted to the choice of dance or choreographic style. Accessories that are cumbersome, toxic or non-compliant with basic rules and safety standards are excluded. All products such as talc, flakes, powder or similar products as well as smoke and ice are prohibited (they may hinder the following candidates on the set). The decorations are not accepted. Article 7-Financial Conditions of the participants ' stay at the festival the travel expenses, the expenses of stay and Nutrition of the participants are paid by the organizations that direct the artists to the festival. Registration fees are non-refundable in the event of defection. The organizers decline all responsibility for damage, material or bodily injury, caused by the participants, whether during their participation in rehearsals, meetings, contests or outside and in the premises. Article 8: Amendment of the regulation the Organiser may be required to amend this Regulation, in particular in order to comply with any new legislation and/or regulations applicable. Any changes will be incorporated into this regulation.